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ULTRA Clear HD - 1 Gallon

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Clear HD - ULTRA Clear Coat 1 Gallon (Low VOC)

Introducing the Game-Changer in Automotive Finishes: Body-Liner Clear Coat HD!

HD = Heavy Duty

Engineered with our groundbreaking Body-liner Technology, this clear coat redefines durability, leaving traditional automotive clear coats in the dust. Apply our revolutionary clear coat on top of ANY base coat for the ultimate finish.

Elevate your project to new heights of perfection & protection. It's designed for those who demand the toughest, most resilient finish. Note: It's our most robust clear coat yet!

Must be mixed 1 to 1 with Body-liner ULTRA Activator.

Body-Liner Ultra Clear HD features:

  • Exceptional ultraviolet light protection
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Outstanding impact resistance
  • High gloss

For additional information regarding the safe use of ULTRA Clear HD please review the Clear HD Safety Data Sheet & the Technical Data sheet.

Product Disclaimer:

Chrome Delete is intended for professional use only.

Always follow safety guidelines and instructions provided.

Data Sheets

Technical Data Sheet
Clear HD Safety Data Sheet
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