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ULTRA Component B - 5 Gallon

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Introducing the Body-liner Ultra Activator

The transformative catalyst designed to unlock the full potential of Body-liner Ultra Paint & Clear Coats. This activator is not just a companion product; it is the key to harnessing the ultimate strength and resilience that Body-liner Ultra promises.

Activate the Power of Ultra Durability:

  • Perfect Ratio: Formulated to work in a one-to-one mix ratio with Body-liner Ultra Paint & Clear, this activator ensures a flawless chemical reaction, leading to a hardening process that imbues your automotive surfaces with unmatched toughness.
  • Enhanced Adhesion: The Body-liner Ultra Activator promotes exceptional bonding to the applied surfaces, creating a shield of protection that stands up to harsh conditions, be it on land, sea, or air.
  • Maximized Performance: It complements the pure resin formula of Body-liner Ultra Paint, maintaining the integrity and purity of the application, without diluting its strength or finish.
  • Simplified Application: Designed with the user in mind, this activator ensures a straightforward mix and application process, allowing for a seamless integration into your workflow, saving time and ensuring a consistent finish.
  • Industry-Leading Results: Whether it's for automotive, aeronautic, or marine use, the Body-liner Ultra Activator works to enhance the natural qualities of the Body-liner Ultra Paint, resulting in a coating that's as tough as it is beautiful.

The Body-liner Ultra Activator is your guarantee to unlock the full suite of benefits offered by Body-liner Ultra Paint & Clear. Meticulously engineered to ensure optimal performance and ease of use, this activator is an indispensable part of the painting process. Trust in the strength of this dynamic duo to propel your projects to new heights of durability and quality. With Body-liner Ultra Paint and Activator, you're not just applying a coating; you're fortifying a legacy of protection and performance.

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